The HCG Diet Plan – Three Steps and A Natural Hormone

The HCG diet is making winds across the world as millions of people take on weight loss like never before.  The use of this natural hormone has a long history of success.  Users which have seen the results first hand of using HCG are telling everyone about their success.  Beyond that, however, scientists and physicians have been exploring this treatment with new found interest in recent years as new studies have shown it to be a highly effective and safe weight loss treatment.  This diet employs a natural hormone to boost the person’s metabolism and help them burn fat more quickly.  Yet it does so in a specific way, through the brain itself.

Reports have been flying recently about the HCG diet boosting metabolism so much that people lose over one pound per day.  As a result, studies have taken long hard looks at this to find out if it’s true.  As it turns out, more than a few studies have shown it to be true.  The question then remains, how do you achieve these results?  Studies examining the use of the HCG hormone for weight loss often looked at either injections or oral droplets of it, along with the protocol as described by Dr. Simeons.  This involved three distinct steps which were required to be followed in order to lose this level of weight.  People were asked if they felt hungry or more energetic as well.  The results were clear in all studies, the HCG diet cuts hunger, increased energy and also boosted metabolism resulting in around 4 times more total weight loss.

How HCG and the Three Phase Protocol Works

Protocol - Three Phases of HCGThe original protocol used injections, as it was designed by Dr. Simeons in the 1950s.  However, recent research allows for either hcg injections, or trusted pure hcg drops providers as an alternative to these more expensive and painful daily injections.  Either way, regardless of which method you chose to administer the HCG to your body, you will always go on the exact same regimen for weight loss.  There are three phases to the HCG diet, and though there are some options to choose from within those phases, the protocol should not be broken as part of the weight loss method.  Oral HCG is more easily taken, so it’s often the prefered method.

  1. Phase one of the HCG diet entails a period of time where the user takes in foods high in fat, and low in carbs.  This lasts for up to 3 days.  The person also takes the HCG hormone throughout this phase.  The goal is to enlarge fat cells to accept more lipids as storage, but in doing so, it also weakens the boundaries of the cells making it much easier to expel lipids for the body to burn later.  This helps prevent metabolic shutdown later on in phase two.
  2. Phase two of the HCG protocol makes up the bulk of the diet.  People are on this for up to 57 days (43 days on the original method).  People go on either a 500 calorie per day diet, or a 700 calorie per day depending if they’re doing the modern approach.  The 700 calorie per day is a lot easier to stick to, so it’s often what is recommended these days.  However, the 500 calorie is the original method, so many people prefer it since it has been used for so long.  Dietary constraints are also applied as required in order to ensure people are not eating processed or nutritiously poor foods that could harm their progress.
  3. Phase three is the maintenance phase and can last indefinitely, for as long as the person wants to maintain their weight loss.  HCG intake is halted during this period of time, and the person goes on a 1500 calorie per day diet.  A lot of foods taken out in phase two are reintroduced and the person is able to continue their weight loss as normal going forward.  This is necessary to maintain weight lost without the hormone being in your body any longer.

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