The HCG Diet Protocol – Three Steps is All It Takes for Success

As you know, we are a huge fan of the HCG diet and what it offers users.  For the most part, people who are trying to lose weight with HCG do so more quickly than with any other treatment known.  Beyond that, users of HCG report better weight loss success over the long term as well.  This hormone works in a completely unique way, enabling people to keep their metabolism high throughout their weight loss.  This can be incredibly difficult to achieve on your own, even with regular exercise and dieting.  Your body’s metabolism slowly decreases whenever you begin to lose weight by changing your diet.  Your body is not designed to keep burning calories once you cut down on your foot intake each day.  Instead, people need to then eat even less and exercise even more to keep up with their weight loss goals.

The HCG diet is a particular method designed by physicians and researchers over several decades that increases metabolism naturally, and decreases the user’s appetite.  This method has shown tremendous benefits in clinical trials, with the average user losing around 20 to 30 pounds per month.  In the same studies, those that went on just the diet lost only a fraction of this level (roughly 75% less).  The hormone itself was shown but its original creator (well the doctor who found this hormone treatment worked, at least), Dr. Simeons.  This method has been prescribed more than any other weight loss treatment in the world today, and it’s likely to remain the most recommended and prescribed method for weight control.

The Three Phases of the HCG Plan and How it Works

HCG Diet's Three PhasesThere are many ways to take HCG each day, many people choose to do so via daily injections, but oral droplets of hcg, as long as they are the real hormone, are just as effective in clinical trials.  There are many products out there but as long as you take a minimum of 150 IUs of the hormone each day you will generate results for yourself and it will remain effective for you.  This is important to keep your body’s metabolism high and your appetite low.  If you are taking these “fake” amino acid products, which are prevalent online, you won’t receive any of the results one comes to expect from using HCG for weight loss.  These products, obviously, will not work as well as the real thing (or even nearly the same).

The HCG diet has three distinct phases, each with a specific goal and motive.  In order to receive all of the benefits of this treatment, you need to follow the protocol closely otherwise your results will be less than stellar.  Though this hormone is a highly effective treatment, it’s important to work hard to achieve the best results when using this method.  The three phase protocol is designed to do just that.

Phase 1 – The first phase of the HCG diet is designed around enabling your body to burn fat later.  For this hormone treatment to work best, your body needs to be operating at peak metabolic levels, rather than any poorer levels of activity that is often seen in users.  As an example, most people’s metabolism is regularly operating at much lower levels than is possible due to lack of exercise, poor diet choices, as well as numerous weight loss attempts (which wreck your metabolic function).  Phase one is a period of two to three days designed around increasing your metabolism through large amounts of protein, high fat, and low carb foods.  Your lipids stored in fat cells are more easily burned later.

Phase 2 – The major phase of the diet, it occurs for up to 57 days (classically up to 43 days).  This is a reduced calorie diet of either 500 or 700 calories per day, and is designed around high metabolic function, low appetite and rapid weight loss.  Most people in studies lost 1 to 2 pounds per day for the bulk of this period.  This is often the most important part of the diet for individuals.

Phase 2 – The final phase is for maintaining the weight you’ve lost.  Your body is going through a lot during the diet, and once you stop taking HCG each day your body will begin to go back to normal.  This is designed around long term support, with 1500 calories per day, and a plethora of good foods and healthy products that will help you maintain your results indefinitely.

The Paleo Diet – A New Popular, Modern Approach to Weight Loss

If you’ve made the decision to change your diet and improve your life, you’re on the right track.  However, going in the right direction and choosing a method that is clinically proven to work and actually has a scientific basis is difficult.  Many products claim to work, but they simply don’t, and those that do work are often buried deep.  Same goes for weight loss programs that offer benefits as well.  One of the largest and most prescribed weight loss methods today is the Paleo Diet, endorsed by the big names Robb Wolf and Loren Cordain.  This personalized approach is designed around enabling users to lose weight quickly by switching to a more natural and “ancestral” diet method.  Though it’s a difficult method to choose, once you reach the 21 day mark or so your body will actually switch gears completely and you will begin craving a whole new type of food.

The 30-day Paleo Challenge is a method approach that encourages people to try this diet for a minimum of 30 days and see how it goes.  This challenge was created as it was noticed in recent research that the bacteria in our stomachs will actually dictate what kind of foods we crave, whether they’re bad or good foods.  After 21 days your body’s entire bacterial culture will shift to those that enjoy and desire the foods you eat.  This creates “cravings” for good foods that are part of the paleo diet and removes all of the high carb, processed and bad foods that people often crave instead.  Robb Wolf in particular said that with the complete removal of things like grains, legumes, dairy and cane sugars you will feel a huge hunger and craving for natural ingredients instead.

This 30 day challenge has actually gone through a lot of research, and it was found to be highly effective.  Users who switched wholesale to a diet rich in good foods lost much more weight than just trying to go on a crash diet or using most “weight loss products”.  People are seeking an alternative to dieting, but there just isn’t one even if you find an effective treatment like HCG.  You will still have to change your diet.  Many people make excuses for failure on this “all or nothing” approach, though it is one of the most effective.

Paleo Diet Alternative Methods

Foods Allowed on Paleo DietThere’s another diet to consider from Loren Cordain called the “Three Levels of Paleo Dieting”.  This method offers another alternative approach to following the “make it or break it method” as described so far.  Level one of the approach involves 85% strict compliance to the Paleo diet, with 15% or so “cheating” (or freedom to make mistakes).  This equates to about 3 meals within a week that are outside of the bounds of the methodology.  As you progress onward in the future to level two and three you increase your strict compliance until you reach 95% compliance during Level Three.  Many people who struggle to cut out all of these bad foods from day one will do much better with a diet like this, as it’s easier to adapt your body and your stomach bacteria will still adapt as needed to cut down on cravings.

There’s no set progression that you must follow as part of this, but there are a wide variety of things you can choose from and see which works best.  You want to switch to level three within about 20-30 days though for maximal effectiveness.  That’s the best way to achieve results doing this rather than the “all or nothing” method described previously.  When you select your “free” meals you want to keep in mind not to go overboard with the foods you eat.  You don’t want to eat an entire chocolate cake. or a box of donuts, but instead maybe a bagel, some cereal, or a piece of chocolate after dinner.   You don’t want to cheat and ruin the progress you made by eating something really terrible for you.  This can upset your stomach and even reverse the progress you made on changing your digestive bacteria over to something that will enable you to fight your obesity.

Starting this new method called the Paleo Diet offers a lot in way of results, and studies clearly show that it doesn’t have to be a traumatizing event for the user.  You can have a more relaxed pace, or try Robb Wolf’s more aggressive 30 day challenge.  If you want to see results rapidly and have the self control, this is one of the best methods to go with.  Otherwise you can stick to a more leisurely and adaptive approach that is designed to work around your goals, and your motivations.

Green Coffee Extract – A Natural Treatment to Knock Out Obesity

Many people are looking for a quick fix to their weight gain, but don’t know what has clinical support and what doesn’t.  It’s honestly never an easy task to find out which is which, but the first place to look is often clinical studies to see if there’s any objective information.  Sure, it’s true that just having a study showing something is not ironclad proof that it will work for everyone, yet if there are many studies all clearly showing that a particular method leads to rapid weight loss, it’s a good place to start.  These plans can often be some of the most effective and safest treatments.

One of the main areas that scientists have been searching through in recent years is the use of natural weight loss aids.  There have been prescription products for many years that help a little bit with weight loss, but they carry some harsh side effects.  Natural treatments inherently will not and can be safe for anyone to take.  As a result, many things have been investigated with a lot of them showing good promise as well (such as garcinia cambogia or raspberry ketones).  These products can work and can provide results, even more quickly than is possible with man-made treatments.

Before you can start to lose weight you need to first understand your body type and how it works.  If you have historically struggled with metabolism drops when you cut calories.  For example, guys typically store fat in their midsections when they gain weight.  They also have a lot easier time losing weight without their metabolism freaking on them and making it more difficult.  Women on the other hand have to be more careful with their diet and typically benefit more from these proven weight loss treatments that help induce weight loss.

The New Green Coffee Extract Diet

Bag of Natural Green CoffeeA new weight loss treatment that’s been seeing a lot of support with doctors, physicians and researchers is the use of green coffee.  Green coffee is the unroasted natural beans, which are dried out and then extracted into powders.  It was discovered some time ago that a lot of the best minerals and compounds found in coffee are actually lost during this process.  Roasting heats up and destroys the compounds and antioxidants that people need to receive much of the benefits that it offers.  For example, a compound known as cholorgenic acid which is found in natural coffee beans is a powerful metabolic booster.  It helps enhance energy and significantly increase the person’s metabolism.

Green coffee contains many things which are only found in this extract that can really boost metabolism and help people lose weight.  A recent study took a long look at just this, testing those how take green coffee and measuring how much weight they lost.  It was found that the average person lost over 15 pounds during a 30 day period of time.  This was far more than those who just tried to diet on their own.  Metabolism is one of the biggest problems when a person is trying to diet, as this will often slow down considerably when a person cuts calories.  Green coffee helps boost this considerably, offers large gains in energy as well, and also helps cut appetite in users.  It’s natural, safe and has been verified as a highly effective solution.

Techniques to Power Through Plateaus and Lose Weight Effectively

There are so many weight loss plans out there, programs that claim they work and which claim to generate weight loss. Even with all of these new diet methods and new claims, it’s still just as hard as ever to lose weight.  What is occurring as well? It’s getting more difficult to find the most effective way to shed excess fat.  Though it’s great to lose weight, you don’t want to do it at the expense of your overall health.  You may want to slim down, but you should also want to do it in a healthy and sustainable manner.

It’s never easy to select a method that will be both safe and effective, but looking to medical researchers will often help in deciding which methods work.  For decades scientists have been interested in finding a weight loss solution that is effective and works for everyone.  They’ve found many such treatments, but they all vary in effectiveness.  Some are highly effective, and others are often poorly effective.  Selecting the best ones is a matter of finding which research studies generated the best results for users.

How Would You Define Healthy Weight Loss?

Selecting the Top Dieting TechniquesBear in mind that you shouldn’t be trying any weight loss methods that involve stimulants which are prescribed, like phentermine.  These can carry with them some major side effects that you may not be willing to take on.  In addition, they haven’t been proven to work too well in any studies.  What you want to do is organize a diet that is both natural, and actually works.  The foods you eat should be as natural as possible as should the diet itself.

Bodies can be very sensitive to anything we take in via foods or through supplements, so it’s important to manage this well.  Good diets which can work are things like garcinia cambogia, or the HCG diet.  Bad things are low carb, high fat diets like Atkins.  You want to make sure anything you use to aid your diet actually helps replace the things you’re missing through changes to the diet.  For example, if you take something that makes you feel bloated, this is your body’s way of telling you it’s not good for you.  It’s important to choose an approach that’s as natural as possible, such as a natural fruit extract or a natural hormone.

Another good example of this type of thing is a diet which makes you eat foods high in protein for a period of months on end, and cuts out all the other things that are part of your diet.  You need essential vitamins and minerals every day in order to function and maintain your health.  Good examples of a diet that is healthy is one that replaces your foods that you already eat, with leaner and healthier versions of those same foods.  Rather than processed foods, you make it naturally, etc.  This is a good indication that a diet is safe and effective.

Powerful Weight Loss Techniques With Clinical Support

Clinically proven techniques for weight loss typically have centered around the discovery of natural treatments which can enable fast results.  It was discovered some years ago that people who tried to lose weight more slowly often failed to achieve long term results.  If people did not see rapid progress they became discouraged and quit their effort to lose weight.  As such, they’ve been searching for low side effect and highly effective treatments to facilitate this.

Several of these diets have been discovered, each with their own merits.  The fastest weight loss solution is without a doubt the HCG diet, offering at least one pound of weight loss each and every day of use.  This employs a natural hormone to boost metabolism and decrease appetite.  More natural and less side effect heavy methods which have proven successful are things like garcinia cambogia extracts, a natural fruit from Africa.  Typically a person will lose 10 to 15 pounds per month just by taking this each day.  No dietary changes were demanded in studies which verified its usefulness.  Whichever method you select is up to you and what you’re able to stick with over a long period.  Something sustainable for your habits is far more important than something someone else tells you to try.