The HCG Diet Protocol – Three Steps is All It Takes for Success

As you know, we are a huge fan of the HCG diet and what it offers users.  For the most part, people who are trying to lose weight with HCG do so more quickly than with any other treatment known.  Beyond that, users of HCG report better weight loss success over the long term as well.  This hormone works in a completely unique way, enabling people to keep their metabolism high throughout their weight loss.  This can be incredibly difficult to achieve on your own, even with regular exercise and dieting.  Your body’s metabolism slowly decreases whenever you begin to lose weight by changing your diet.  Your body is not designed to keep burning calories once you cut down on your foot intake each day.  Instead, people need to then eat even less and exercise even more to keep up with their weight loss goals.

The HCG diet is a particular method designed by physicians and researchers over several decades that increases metabolism naturally, and decreases the user’s appetite.  This method has shown tremendous benefits in clinical trials, with the average user losing around 20 to 30 pounds per month.  In the same studies, those that went on just the diet lost only a fraction of this level (roughly 75% less).  The hormone itself was shown but its original creator (well the doctor who found this hormone treatment worked, at least), Dr. Simeons.  This method has been prescribed more than any other weight loss treatment in the world today, and it’s likely to remain the most recommended and prescribed method for weight control.

The Three Phases of the HCG Plan and How it Works

HCG Diet's Three PhasesThere are many ways to take HCG each day, many people choose to do so via daily injections, but oral droplets of hcg, as long as they are the real hormone, are just as effective in clinical trials.  There are many products out there but as long as you take a minimum of 150 IUs of the hormone each day you will generate results for yourself and it will remain effective for you.  This is important to keep your body’s metabolism high and your appetite low.  If you are taking these “fake” amino acid products, which are prevalent online, you won’t receive any of the results one comes to expect from using HCG for weight loss.  These products, obviously, will not work as well as the real thing (or even nearly the same).

The HCG diet has three distinct phases, each with a specific goal and motive.  In order to receive all of the benefits of this treatment, you need to follow the protocol closely otherwise your results will be less than stellar.  Though this hormone is a highly effective treatment, it’s important to work hard to achieve the best results when using this method.  The three phase protocol is designed to do just that.

Phase 1 – The first phase of the HCG diet is designed around enabling your body to burn fat later.  For this hormone treatment to work best, your body needs to be operating at peak metabolic levels, rather than any poorer levels of activity that is often seen in users.  As an example, most people’s metabolism is regularly operating at much lower levels than is possible due to lack of exercise, poor diet choices, as well as numerous weight loss attempts (which wreck your metabolic function).  Phase one is a period of two to three days designed around increasing your metabolism through large amounts of protein, high fat, and low carb foods.  Your lipids stored in fat cells are more easily burned later.

Phase 2 – The major phase of the diet, it occurs for up to 57 days (classically up to 43 days).  This is a reduced calorie diet of either 500 or 700 calories per day, and is designed around high metabolic function, low appetite and rapid weight loss.  Most people in studies lost 1 to 2 pounds per day for the bulk of this period.  This is often the most important part of the diet for individuals.

Phase 2 – The final phase is for maintaining the weight you’ve lost.  Your body is going through a lot during the diet, and once you stop taking HCG each day your body will begin to go back to normal.  This is designed around long term support, with 1500 calories per day, and a plethora of good foods and healthy products that will help you maintain your results indefinitely.

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