Raspberry Ketones – A Natural Treatment for Obesity

A recent 2002 study which was published nationally in the Journal of Kidney Diseases found that low carb and high protein diets (aka the Atkins Diet) actually produced a condition ripe for the development of kidney stones.  Since there was such a huge increase in acid levels in the person’s blood when on this diet, it was thought to be a huge problem for a person’s health to go on this type of diet for long periods.  In addition, other research indicates that lean protein intake can actually cause problems for the person’s body as well.  A well known condition known as rabbit starvation can actually occur if carbs are not taken at a minimum level each day.

The concentration in blood of people on these low carb diets of urinary citrate drops by 25 percent.  This significantly increases their risk of developing kidney stones given the diet they’re on.  If a person is on a normal diet and develops stones, they’re often told to cut back on poultry, meats and fish as these proteins often exacerbate the problem.  This is why it’s so important to find a diet that works with your body and not against it.

The Development of Raspberry Ketone Weight Loss

Many people have eaten raspberries at some point, but did you know these fruits are full of antioxidants not found in any other type of plant?  Certain types of minerals in them have been shown in recent research to help a plethora of ailments, such as heart disease, respiratory disease or even anemia.  However, in recent years a polar shift has occurred in the treatment of weight loss, from more man-made ingredients to those that are natural and side effect free.  This has led to an increased pressure on suppliers to provide a treatment that’s both safe and effective to users.  It’s been recently studied for a particular type of antioxidant it has, called “ketones” which have been shown in a number of studies to produce weight loss.  Yet, the debate rages on about the most effective method for this type of treatment.

There’s a compound found in red raspberries known as norepinephrine, a hormone that actually breaks down fat and lipids in the body.  It’s been shown in studies conducted by the National Institute of Health to help significantly reduce the uptake of fat into the person’s body.  It blocks and then expels fat directly from the body, enabling people to lose weight even if they eat foods high in fat.

Natural Ketones From This Fruit

Diet of RaspberriesThere are really two major areas that enable Raspberry Ketones to help people lose weight.  The first one is that it absorbs fat that is taken in through the body, as indicated above.  This helps break down the fat that’s presently stored in our cells as well as protect our body from absorbing fats in our diet.  The second one is that it helps boost metabolism in the person’s body, even if they are cutting calories or their food intake (something that typically slows down your metabolism significantly).  Recent studies on the use of this to help people lose weight found that people taking raspberry ketones regularly lost 4 to 5 times more weight than just by dieting alone.  This equated to a weight loss of around 17% of their total body weight within 60 days of use.  For this reason, it’s caught on with physicians and professionals alike who now recommend this treatment to their patients.

Sure, the market for weight loss products is huge and it’s difficult to figure out which one to go with.  However, there are almost none that have actually been clinically proven to produce results.  Raspberry ketones have been well tested in clinical settings and they actually work, so it’s a safe bet as a product to try to help you lose weight quickly.  Most people taking this will lose 20 to 30 pounds per 60 days of use, far more than any prescription treatment a person may try instead.  Studies on this support it as an effective weight loss treatment.

Raspberry ketones are all natural, so side effects are limited.  However, people should be aware that they want to get a supplement that actually contains 100% ketone extract and not filled with a lot of addons or other “vitamins”.  In studies, the threshold for this product to work was 1500mg per day (750mg capsules twice per day) of pure raspberry ketones.  As a result, people need to keep this in mind when selecting their products.

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